Adding New Kitchen Cabinet Hardware to Your Home

Today’s kitchens have become a central entertainment point in American homes. Small wonder, given the fact that open kitchen plans make preparing and sharing food and good times, all in one place, such a joy.

With the increased use of the kitchen as a gathering spot, it’s more important to give your kitchen the same personality as the rest of the house. Adding new kitchen cabinet hardware can do the trick, easily and relatively inexpensively. New kitchen cabinet hardware will not only give your kitchen an update, but with the right hardware, make it easier to access your cookware, dishes and flatware along with all your essential ingredients.

Thanks to the boom in the home improvement industry, there are literally thousands of choices out there, not only in local home improvement stores, but online as well. Choosing new kitchen cabinet hardware is easy, but there are some things you should know.

First, you want your new hardware to match the overall style and décor of your kitchen. For example, if you have shaker style cabinets, ones where the frame is raised around the outside of the cabinet face, your new kitchen cabinet hardware should be casual, country or perhaps French.

That said, there’s plenty of room for your personality to shine through in the hardware. One way is to select knobs, pulls, handles and other hardware that is themed. For instance, you can go with a lovely look of Tuscany, with its warm colors of terra cotta, yellow and gold. Or you can go with a crisp white and blue porcelain for all your new kitchen cabinet hardware.

If you really want to go all out with your new country kitchen hardware, consider making all the hardware have a decorative theme, such as seashells, starfish and other nautically inspired designs. Or go country with handles that are horseshoes with back plates of running horses.

Finally, you want to think about the finish of your new kitchen cabinet hardware. Again, there is an endless variety, from copper and brass to brushed stainless, nickel, wood or porcelain. You can also go with glass knobs and handles, giving your kitchen a turn of the century look.

One of the great things about all the choices out there is that you can try before you buy. In other words, you can buy several that you like, install them on your cabinets and live with them for a while.

Another good strategy is to shop online for new kitchen cabinet hardware. While the home improvement folks have a limited supply of hardware aimed at the mass market, online retailers can carry more unusual styles and a wider variety. Virtual shelves have their advantages. Another bonus is that you can use the built-in search engines to narrow your search. Since there can be literally thousands of choices, this is an added benefit.

Once you find ones you like, you can order a few and try them out, just as if you bought some at your neighborhood store. Find the ones you like, try them out, then place your complete order. This will also help you double check fit and comfort before you commit to changing out all your hardware.

The good news is that new hardware can be one of the easiest ways to give your kitchen an entirely new look. For very little money, certainly when compared to replacing the cabinets themselves, you may just find that changing out the hardware is all you need to do to turn a kitchen into entertainment central, a place for friends and family to gather, share good food and good times.

Ideas for Selecting Kitchen Cabinet Hardware and Handles

When space is limited, it becomes more complex to choose the right hardware for your kitchen. Kitchen cabinets do not usually come with pulls and handles so the decision is left to the homeowner to pick a style that matches with the space.

Enumerated here below are some crucial tips which will help you in selecting fitting kitchen cabinet hardware.

To decor a modern kitchen, efficient pulls and a smooth rectangular or tubular alternative is an ideal match. In kitchen space, it’s imperative to take into account the polishes that are on the light fittings and appliances. Also, it is not required that you should match every finish, you could either join brushed nickel with chrome or brass with oil rubbed bronze; whatever you might select, make sure that the polishes match each other. Handles and pulls with any type of polish will go with white kitchen cabinets.

Most ignored alternatives are glass knobs. If you want to make your kitchen stylish, you need to consider glass knobs which are a classic alternative that offers a little glitter or playful colours.

Any polish on hardware will look great on painted cabinets. Typical polishes for coloured kitchen cabinets are oil rubbed bronze, chrome and brushed nickel. It also applies to wooden cabinets; pick among nickel, chrome or oil rubbed bronze. Don’t be surprised as brass is making a comeback as an alternative for kitchen hardware.

You have the flexibility of merging styles of hardware too, and in such situations you can’t make mistakes when you maintain the polishes constant. Your hardware should share identical polish to maintain the consistent look in case cabinet hinges are uncovered.

As you will be pulling the cabinet handles several times during a day, you need consider buying handles that are comfortable and feels good to touch. Select softer and more stable handles in case the pull or handle feels frail, uneven or sore.

You need to match the polish that is on the hardware with the polish that is on the appliances. With black coloured appliances, black or oil rubbed bronze handles looks wonderful similar to stainless steel appliances that looks amazing with brushed nickel handles. You can even match your hardware selection with the light fittings or faucet. In modern kitchens, we are seeing the use of varied combinations in finishes.

When searching for the right cabinet hardware and handles for your precious kitchen, the most crucial element is to make appropriate selections that will add to the style of your space, the appliances and fittings, and to make choices that you will admire for several years to come.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware – Give Your Kitchen A Look of Distinction

Are you sick of setting foot in your kitchen because you are bored with or disgusted by the décor? Are you ready for a kitchen makeover but don’t have a lot of dough? Well why not start small by simply painting the cabinet doors and outfitting them with new hardware?

It is easy to do, relatively inexpensive and fun. Change your kitchen from dull to glam in minutes. Try indulging in your 1960′s avocado green kitchen by cleaning and refinishing the rich walnut cabinets and drawer fronts and adorning them with brushed metal knobs. No your kitchen has kitsch and modern appeal at once. Replacing your kitchen cabinet hardware is one of the easiest ways to refresh a room.

There are many shapes, sizes and material to choose from in your quest for a new and improved kitchen. The best place to see the largest selection is by shopping online. Rather than dragging yourself from hardware store to hardware store only to be disappointed in the choices available you should try shopping online from the comfort of your favorite chair. Not only will you find the best selection of kitchen cabinet hardware, but you will also find the best prices.

One of the most popular accents for cabinets these days is the European bar pull. Usually made of silvery metal like steel or chrome these long bars will give your kitchen a fresh and decidedly modern look when placed on your cabinets and appliances. And don’t forget the hinges. You can match them in material and finish to your pulls or knobs or simply choose ones that are completely concealed.

Since there are so many types of kitchen cabinet hardware available you should try to narrow your search down by material, type or finish and then go from there. For example you may want a Victorian look so you could accent your cupboards with glass or porcelain knobs. Then you could narrow it down by color or shape. You could match your granite counter top with granite knobs or have a little fun with fruit and vegetable shaped knobs in a variety of finishes including enameled. For a fifties look, you could try oil-rubbed brass latches and matching hinges.

It has never been easier to change your kitchen décor. Whether you want your kitchen to be garden fresh with flowery knobs and pulls or reminiscent of a north woods cabin with branch shaped knobs and pulls. You can do it with ease. Choose to breathe new life into your kitchen with new kitchen cabinet hardware from knobs and pulls to hinges and more.

It has been said that the beauty is in the details and with kitchen cabinet hardware this has never been more true. Whether you choose the warmth of wood or the coolness of metal or glass finding new cabinet hardware is an adventure. There is so much to choose from that looking at all the options is just the fun beginning of your journey to a kitchen make over.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware – Putting the Finishing Touches on Your Cabinets

You have decided to do a major rehaul to your entire kitchen. You picked out new paint, bought new furniture and appliances, and have even decided to refinish your kitchen cabinets with new stain. Now, you might think that you have everything in place, but think again because there is one thing missing from this whole equation and that is you forgot to pick out new kitchen cabinet hardware. If you think this is not a big deal, think again because it can really make or break the look of your kitchen.

Sure, kitchen cabinet hardware might be small in size, but if it does not nicely complement the look of your cabinets, you are going to have a problem. For example, you do not want to get bright brass hardware if you have cabinetry that is finished a soft, white color. Or, you do not want modern, zinc brushed hardware for cabinetry that has a country look to it. Basically, if your hardware does not nicely match your cabinets, then you are going to have some problems. Not to mention the fact that people will think you have no sense of style.

Now, there are many different styles and finishes to choose from when it comes to kitchen cabinet hardware so you can easily find ones to match the cabinetry that you have. Along with what was mentioned above, other options include ones made out of aluminum, glass, stone, wood, iron, ceramic, acrylic, steel and stainless steel, pewter, porcelain, plastic, granite, and even crystal. All of these materials have a fantastic look to them and are made even more appealing to the eye by the different finishes that are available. For example, you can get the brushed finish as mentioned earlier along with ones that have a polished, antiqued, dull, and even rubbed. For a quick way to find what looking for, the best thing to do is to hit the internet and do some online shopping. Browsing is a breeze and what’s even better, is that you will probably end up finding the best prices in the process.

When purchasing kitchen cabinet hardware for your kitchen, you should know exactly how many of everything that you will need. Make sure to count the number of knobs, pulls, hinges, and drawer slides that you need because if you end up short, you will have to order more and wait for them to come in to install them. And actually, when you go to buy yours, you should even get a couple extra if you should ever have to replace what you bought since if you they might be discontinued after a few years.

So, if you have decided to completely remodel your kitchen, do not overlook the fact that you are going to need new kitchen cabinet hardware. Believe it or not, such a small detail can really make or break the look of your kitchen. If you want a kitchen that has a completed look, make sure to purchase some that nicely complement your cabinetry.

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